The Life Ecstatic

by Sammartino

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Brought to you, free of charge thanks to the generosity of Rectifier, The Life Ecstatic. Sammartino turns his gaze to history, alchemy and science and draws the conclusion that the three are inseparable.


released September 22, 2016

Rectifier - Generosity
Sammartino - Everything else



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Sammartino Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Julio Platner
The open mind meets a celestial plane
Graced with 5 minutes of fame
To emphasise the Astral Greed hands reach down around me

Leaving Earth as a blinding light
Leaving Earth and putting up a fight
Leaving Earth and losing sight
Leaving Earth tonight

Left alone in a parked car
Left alone away from anywhere I've been so far
Left alone with nothing else to do but tell the world about you

I meet Aliens in my dreams, one day I hope they'll get to meet me
Track Name: Nikola Tesla
The future of man, penned by desperate hand
Every rule reduced to one
That we end where we began

Cast aspersions aside
Use bulbs to light the inside
Use science to fight
The irresistible decay of time

Life revealed to me the chemical composition of Lonely
Life revealed to me the critical mass of my hopes and dreams

Woe is me, woe is unrestricted energy
Track Name: Edgar Mitchell
We left behind Flat Earth, Indivisible
To hope to find the Extraterrestrial kind

Close encounters of the Worst kind
Paid to watch your kinsmen deny
The alienness of life beyond our narrow sky

Who do I call when I want to speak to Mars?
Will Martians read my memoirs?
Track Name: Isabella Cortese
Reveal the secret to fabricating Gold
Give me universal medicine joining body, mind and soul
Lead The Good Life, be prudent in what you write
Lead The Good Life and try not to die

Learn through Mercurial eyes the Alchemy of getting through life

Equal parts optimism and survivor's guilt
Elixir of Youth made but subsequently split
Use Ancient Wisdom to shape the future
Use Ancient Wisdom to embrace History's guiding hand

Learn through Mercurial eyes the Alchemy of getting through life